Mosaic Masterpieces tours

Julie Richey takes great care and time in planning each tour to ensure that participants visit outstanding locations to view remarkable historical and contemporary mosaics. Not only that but Julie also arranges excellent venues for group meals and ancillary activities.

This website aims to give you a hint of just how brilliant these tours have been. Tour members have provided some of their photos taken whilst on tour. If you want to find out about future tours email Julie Richey.

2013 Italian tour

This remarkable tour provided us with unique and heartwarming events from 5 to 13 October. We arrived in Udine on Saturday 5 October and visited Clauiano in the evening. On Sunday 6 October we visited the roman sites at Aquileia and lunched in Grado. The group visited  the Fruili Mosaic School in Spilimbergo  on 7 October, and on 8 October we visited Udine. On 9 October we travelled to Ostello Galletti Abbiosi, in Ravenna and stayed until the 13 October.
Tour group in Grado
Margy Cottingham, Jim Taylor, Bonnie Lankford, Michael Welch, Carolyn Friedman, Suzanne Demeules, Michele McCrea, Nancie Mills Pipgras, Sharon Weglowski, Lynn Adamo, Lori Postma and Allan Punton. Julie Richey is out of shot because she took the photograph. In the middle foreground are mosaic master Giuilio Menossi and his wife Rosa. They generously guided our group around the Roman sites of Aquileia and lunched with us in Grado.

2012 Italian tour

The tour visited Florence and Rome between 1 and 9 October.

Members of the 2011 tour take a break from a visit to San Paulo entro la Mura. The artist Peter Rockwell, son of Norman, provided a personal guided explanation of the mosaics there, created by George Breck and Edward Burne-Jones.

2011 Italian tour

Julie could not have had arranged a more friendly group or orchestrated a more exciting and enjoyable time.

Front row: Nancie Mills Pipgras, Julie Richey, Bronwyn Fife.

Standing: Sandra (Ana’s mother), Allan Punton, Jo Braun, Tom Braun, Michael Welch, Lesley Miller, Steve Greer, Marion Shapiro, Ana Foncerrada and Lea Holland.

Lillian Sizemore joined us in Ravenna.

The tour started on October 3rd in Rome and we all stayed at the Hotel Fontanella Borghese.

On October 8th we travelled by train to Ravenna and we stayed at the Ostello Galletti Abbiosi.

On October 12th  we travelled by train to Venice and we stayed at the Hotel Ca d’Oro.

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