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Venice Biennale, Egyptian pavilion

Very atmospheric show.      

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Jack Witten

Venice Biennale power

This work 9-11-01, by Jack Witten, 2006, conveyed very strong feelings. the tesserae are made from paint mixed with silica, crushed bone, blood, glass and ash. The work draws upon the artist’s experience of the September 11 attacks.  

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Il castello di Sole

Venice Biennale bling

Oct 3, first full day in Venice before the tour starts on Saturday so looking forward to meeting up with Nancie Mills Pipgras and Lynn Adamo at the Biennale. We visited the Encyclopedia show first and viewed the curated works at leisure. The Red Book by Carl Jung was remarkable to see and very well […]

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Guggenheim rendevous

A few of  the 2013 chaos cohort are spending a few days in Venice before starting the tour proper. Nancie and Michael have the Guggenheim as a must visit… significant collection of paintings and sculpture.

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Vittorio Constantini, master glassmaker, Venice

On our first full day in Venice we planned to visit Murano. After breakfast we set out to walk to catch the ferry. Julie led the way using the iPad as her route planner. We were heading down a lane towards the ferry station and we came across a shop that lured us in. The […]

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Cute dogs, Venice

Whilst walking around on our tour none of the dogs I saw were on leads and they all seemed well behaved and used to strangers. I came across a little shop selling dog clothing,leads and food. It was obviously for local people. Anywhere there are dogs means that sometimes you stand in something you would […]

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Modern public mosaic, Venice

Whilst our group were walking to the Guggenheim Gallery we came across this installation on a wall of a small square. I couldn’t see a plaque describing the panel but it was unusual to see.          

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Modern font in ancient basilica, Venice

Whilst we were in Murano visiting the Dona outlet Michael Welch mentioned that he had just been to a fascinating church so I thought I’d go round to see it. The Basilica dei Santa Maria e Donato is breathtaking because of its glorious mosaic floors. I’ve included a set of images in the gallery of the […]

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