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Vittorio Constantini, master glassmaker, Venice

On our first full day in Venice we planned to visit Murano. After breakfast we set out to walk to catch the ferry. Julie led the way using the iPad as her route planner. We were heading down a lane towards the ferry station and we came across a shop that lured us in. The […]

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Cute dogs, Venice

Whilst walking around on our tour none of the dogs I saw were on leads and they all seemed well behaved and used to strangers. I came across a little shop selling dog clothing,leads and food. It was obviously for local people. Anywhere there are dogs means that sometimes you stand in something you would […]

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Modern public mosaic, Venice

Whilst our group were walking to the Guggenheim Gallery we came across this installation on a wall of a small square. I couldn’t see a plaque describing the panel but it was unusual to see.          

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Modern font in ancient basilica, Venice

Whilst we were in Murano visiting the Dona outlet Michael Welch mentioned that he had just been to a fascinating church so I thought I’d go round to see it.┬áThe Basilica dei Santa Maria e Donato is breathtaking because of its glorious mosaic floors. I’ve included a set of images in the gallery of the […]

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Dog days at Villa Borghese, Rome

On Tuesday, 4 October, we planned to walk to Galleria Borghese. It was a wonderful sunny day and our first full day sight-seeing. We walked at a leisurely pace to Santa Maria del Popolo and admired the statues in the piazza. Julie beckoned us to tour the church… Hey! We are on a film set… […]

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iPad rules the world

I was impressed by how effective the use of the iPad had been in Julie’s route planning and instant information on the sites we visited. But here is a real clincher. We’d stopped in a square for a gelato fix and this little group of young Americans asked for help with directions. Julie happily showed […]

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Basilica di San Francesco, Ravenna

On our way back from the Peace Park we came across this Basilica purely by chance and went in to look around. There were a few small fragments of mosaic floor on display but nothing else to highlight its treasures. Then we wandered up to look at the altar because it was at quite a […]

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Church of Santa Maria in Trivio, Rome

The church which is just around the corner from the fountain has frescos on the vault by Antonio Gheradi, showing ‘Stories of the Virgin’ Trivio, corrupted into ‘trevi’ gave its name to the district and to the famous fountain. On the right of the photo you can see Lesley updating Sandra, Julie and Bronwyn on […]

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Battistero degli Ariani, Ravenna

Our second location on our Sunday morning tour was also the location of the contemporary mosaic installation of the CaCO┬│ artistic group, created for the Battistero. This modern work aimed to ‘create a link of narration and reflection with the mosaic decorations dating from antiquity’. In this intimate space the simplicity of the composition gave […]

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Basilica di Sant Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna

After a gruelling night making the most of Notte d’Oro, we all assembled early on the Sunday morning for our walking tour of the historic buildings with Anna Missirolli, our guide for the morning. Anna had the full attention of everyone throughout the morning. She was an engaging guide and very knowledgeable. The basilica has […]

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