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Ghost mosaic colour sketch

I’ve decided on the substrate for the ghost mosaic piece having chatted with Neil Rogers who is a master woodturner. So the colour of the wood will work with the composition that I have in mind from the previous blog post.

I’ve selected the Orsoni colours that will be in the background composition: blacks, greys and moody blues. I’m also toying with the option to include some Effetre glass but that is still not definite.

I’ve selected a 15th or 16th century map of Venice to be the outline in the background and scaled that to balance the composition.

From left to right, the Venice doges are: Enrico Dandolo, Tommaso Macenigo and Marino Falier. You will have to read the book to find out why there is a scroll with the word ‘veritas’ in the composition, ‘Venetian Legends and Ghost Stories’ by Alberto Toso Fei.

Can you guess what is located at the centre of the map of the composition?

And here is the finished mosaic panel.




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