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Basilica di San Francesco, Ravenna

On our way back from the Peace Park we came across this Basilica purely by chance and went in to look around. There were a few small fragments of mosaic floor on display but nothing else to highlight its treasures.

Then we wandered up to look at the altar because it was at quite a high level above the rest of the basilica. When we got up close we noticed steps leading down below the altar so we had a look…

Once you put your euro in the light box you see an intricate patterned mosaic floor in the crypt which is permanently under about two feet of water. If that were not unusual enough…

There are ornamental fish swimming around in the water! Now Gary Drostle would have loved to have seen that. My classical languages are a bit rusty but I think the inscription is roughly translated as ‘Please do not feed the fish.’.

In 2009 during the first RavennaMosaico, Felice Nittilo placed an installation there. His mosaic spheres floated in the water.

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