Sunset over Rome

A glorious sunset at the end of our stay in Rome before leaving for Ravenna.

Clauiano treat

Curated by AIMC, this exhibition in 2011 included the work of fourteen international artists. there was also a smaller exhibition of young artists.

Peace Park, Ravenna

This basilca has an amazing ancient mosaic floor with sumptous stone patterns, a real gem on the island of Murano.

Here are ten examples of street nameplates in Ravenna. Why doesn’t every town have them? Made by laboratory AnnaFietta to mark the first RavennaMosaico festival.

Rosetta Beradi came forward with the idea of an exhibition reflecting on the form of the book through mosaic technique. This is a selection of works on display in 2011.

Church of San Domenico. Curator: AIMC. Images of exhibits. Two of which are by members of our tour, Jo Braun and Julie Richey.

The museum has a  collection of contemporary mosaic art on permanent loan and also additional work on show throughout the corridors and galleries. Here are a selection of works

Ten selected works shown in the first GAEM International Prize. Theme of the competition show is the concept of fragmentation and reconstruction.

This show featured the work of young contemporary artists: Andrea Sala, Raffaella Ceccarossi and Samantha Holmes. Although this exhibition was not part of the main Ravenna publicised events the work was exciting, challenging and better co-ordinated than some of the other venues.

Major installation designed by Mimmo Paladino.

The fountain reflects Nancie’s personality: always lively, enchanting and glistening .

This costume stems from the attire of doctors during the time of plague. The doctors wore black robes coated with wax and aromatic oils, a hood and cowl  over their heads, large glasses to protect their eyes, and a long beak-like nose with a filter at its end. Here are a few images of the intriguing […]

Nancie tried to get Allan to buy this mini-mosaic of the Paladino panel. We thought it cost 350 euro but it actually cost 3500 euro!

One of the three angels visiting Abraham.

Clauiano presentation

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Clauiano town wine tasting

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Julie Richey

VIP treatment in Clauiano

On the evening of Saturday 5 October we set off to visit the ‘Clauiano Mosaics More’ exhibition. Little did we know what a memorable night it was going to be.               We spent time viewing the exhibits (you can see images of the work on show in the Galleries section). Some of our group had […]

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Grado lunch and walkabout

After visiting Aquileia’s remarkable basilica and museum we travelled to the coastal town of Grado. Our location was the rooftop restaurant at Altogradimento, Largo San Griscogono. All of the courses were well made and the views of the coastline were stunning. After lunch we all took a leisurely walk around the town.

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Venice Biennale, Egyptian pavilion

Very atmospheric show.      

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Jack Witten

Venice Biennale power

This work 9-11-01, by Jack Witten, 2006, conveyed very strong feelings. the tesserae are made from paint mixed with silica, crushed bone, blood, glass and ash. The work draws upon the artist’s experience of the September 11 attacks.  

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Il castello di Sole

Venice Biennale bling

Oct 3, first full day in Venice before the tour starts on Saturday so looking forward to meeting up with Nancie Mills Pipgras and Lynn Adamo at the Biennale. We visited the Encyclopedia show first and viewed the curated works at leisure. The Red Book by Carl Jung was remarkable to see and very well […]

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Trattoria alla Bonta, Udine proud owners, lovely lunch

Hearty lunch welcomes us to Udine

After a smooth train journey from Venice we arrived in Udine, dropped our luggage off at the hotel apartments and set off for lunch. This was the first meal we took as a complete group and the trattoria was conveniently just around the corner from our apartments. Chris Forillo popped in whilst travelling in the […]

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Guggenheim rendevous

A few of  the 2013 chaos cohort are spending a few days in Venice before starting the tour proper. Nancie and Michael have the Guggenheim as a must visit… significant collection of paintings and sculpture.

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Ghost mosaic colour sketch

I’ve decided on the substrate for the ghost mosaic piece having chatted with Neil Rogers who is a master woodturner. So the colour of the wood will work with the composition that I have in mind from the previous blog post. I’ve selected the Orsoni colours that will be in the background composition: blacks, greys […]

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